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Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Stencil
  • Sample board (paper, Cardboard)
  • Craft Paint.
  • Foam roller – paint tray.
  • Painter’s tape (masking tape)

Getting started

Very important: Work out your technique and colour combinations on a sample board first. It’s always a good idea to make a sample first. A Old pizza box works great as a sample surface. Make sure you like your color combinations and are comfortable with your stenciling technique.

Step 1:

Apply your first coat and make sure it is color and make sure it is dry prior to stenciling.

Step 2:

Position your stencil on the board, and tape it to the board with a few pieces of painter’s tape (masking tape).

Step 3:

Now pour some craft paint into your paint tray. You don’t need much, 2 tablespoons of paint is enough to start with? Have your dense foam roller ready.

Step 4:

Load your foam roller by rolling it over the paint a few times until it absorbs most of the paint.

Step 5:

Now blot off the excess paint on a folded paper towel by rolling it back and forward. There should be no visible paint on the roller surface. Remember it’s better to have less paint on your roller than too much paint.







Step 6:

Roll over the stencil with your roller using light to medium pressure. Excessive pressure cause the paint to bleed under the stencil. And remember not to roll over the outside edges of the stencil!!

Step 7:

You can easily check how you’re doing by carefully un-taping and lifting one corner of the stencil and taking a peek. Do you like what you see? Enough pressure or can it use a little more paint? When stenciling lighter colors over darker colors,you may need two coats or more to achieve good coverage. Let the first coat dry and then roll over the stencil again with your paint roller.








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